Project Information

Please fill out this online form to give me the information I need to quote and schedule your project. I am happy to discuss any details over the phone or email as well. For more preliminary information, you can contact me here.

File preparation

Make your mixing engineer aware that you are having your project mastered and he should know what to do and what not do while mixing. If you are mixing yourself, keep these things in mind:

  • I will accept the highest resolution file you can give me but I prefer at least 24 bit WAV or AIFF.
  • My job is to apply EQ and Compression to the whole mix, so please leave all master bus compression and gain plugins off your tracks. I need a little headroom to work with, so it’s ideal if your material is not maximized. Mix it loud of course, but keep it below the red.
  • You can leave fades off your tracks for me to do unless you have something every specific in mind. You can always give me notes about exact fade in/fade out times.
  • Keep in mind that mastering can greatly improve a mix, but it can’t fix a bad one, so go back and forth with your mix until it sounds perfect to you. I have made the mistake in the past in thinking that mastering will fix a certain problem. It’s always best to address those things when you are working with individual tracks and not a stereo mix.

Transferring Files

I recommend using WeTransfer to send your files.

When labeling your audio files, please make sure your file names clearly indicate the artist and song name. Files names are best kept short, so use abbreviations when you can. If uploading is not ideal for you, we can arrange to send a disk in the mail or meet up for a file transfer.

Mix notes

I am happy to read as much or as little you want to write about each track and what you want out of it. Feel free to call out specific issues with exact times and I can address problems directly.