About the engineer

Engineer / Owner: Daniel McKenzie

Education: BA Recording Arts (Communications), Minor in Music, Sonoma State University

Music projects: The Rum Diary, Built for the Sea, Identical Homes, Shuteye Unison

Since 1997, I have been recording, editing, mixing and mastering music on all types of analog and digital machines, from Tascam 4-Tracks, to ADATS, from janky-ass PCs to War Games WHOPPER sized Macs, to a mint Otari 32-Track through a glorious Neve 34162 console. I work out of my home studio in Marin County, but have worked at several studios throughout the Bay Area. I do not have a studio wall lined with Grammys and mood lighting, and a $200K rack of gear, no, but I do have choice pieces of analog equipment to bring some life back into your digital recordings. I have the patience to sit with your songs and test them in several different listening environments to assure they sound as close to perfect as possible. I also am available for tracking, editing and mixing projects.

Equipment list

  • API 512c
  • IGS ONE LA Compressor
  • Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor
  • API 5500 Stereo EQ
  • Elysia Xfilter
  • Dangerous Music D-Box
  • UA Apollo 8
  • UA-2 Satellite
  • Dynaudio BM6A MKII
  • PreSonus E5 + Temblor T10 Subwoofer‎
  • UA Precision Mastering Bundle w/Logic Pro X
  • Sonarworks Calibration Bundle
  • Mics

  • U87 (Michael Joly mod)
  • ML-52 Ribbon (Michael Joly mod)
  • Shure SM7B w/ Cloudlifter

The engineer with a chainsaw